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From My Book of Melodies

Alma's new piano album with Sony Classical is out now!


"I started hearing melodies in my head when I was four years old", Alma writes in the CD booklet. "I pretended that they were songs from my imaginary country, which I called “Transylvanian”. (I don’t remember why I chose this name.) At the beginning, I couldn’t write the music down, so I played these melodies on the piano and my parents sometimes recorded them. But as soon as I learnt to write music, I started writing melodies down so that I wouldn’t forget them. Actually, I don’t just have one book of melodies, but a few notebooks. In some of them I wrote down whole pieces; in others I wrote only the first few bars of the melodies."

Book of Melodies-cover-L.jpg

English Trailer

German Trailer

I am so grateful to Paolo Fazioli and all the wonderful Fazioli team for letting me record my new album on the amazing concert grand in the Fazioli Hall in Sacile. It's a huge privilege to play that piano, with its sweet and shining sound.