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Des Kaisers neue Walzer
(The Emperor's New Waltz)


Kirsten Benekam (Traunsteiner Tagblatt): "The evening offered fire, wit, romance, extravagance and brilliant performance.... In order for the opera genre not to die out, it needs exactly this refreshing, innovative composition that gently opens up to the modern without breaking with its roots.... "Music gives meaning to the world. Without it, the world would just be noise," says Leonie (the heroine), and somehow this sentence hovers over the entire premiere evening, for which the delighted audience gave a standing ovation."  


Stephan Burianek (Opern.News) wrote: "A Plea for Melody... It's not often that opera-goers hum a melody from a contemporary piece during the intermission. However, that was the case in Alma Deutscher's new work "The Emperor's New Waltz"...  . One is reminded of Mozart's "Nozze di Figaro", so light-footed it is and at the same time ingeniously built. If you don't leave the theater humming, you've lost your marbles..."

Elisabeth Pichler (Dorf Zeitung) called it: "The Magic of Melody: The Romantic Comedy was rapturously celebrated at the world premiere".


Franziska Stürz (Deutschlandfunk): "I found this evening very, very impressive and I also really enjoyed it."

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