From My Book of Melodies

Alma's first piano album with Sony Classical is now also

available as sheet music, published by Schirmer's

"From my Book of Melodies is a journey back to the time of classical and romantic music. The poetry of Franz Schubert, the melancholy of Chopin, the grace, lightness and brilliance of Mozart - all this can be found in Deutscher's piano treasures. In addition, a good portion of childish exuberance shines through.… In her album, we find outstanding and brilliantly interpreted compositions." Saarland Radio, CD of the Week, Nov. 2019 (Johannes Kloth).

What this composer is capable of is indeed miraculous. At least as striking as the natural grace of her compositions is her piano playing, subtle and sensitive, with a delicate touch, rhythmic suppleness and quite virtuoso too. De Volkskrant, Jan. 2020 (Frits van der Waa).

..."Siren Sounds" shows in an exemplary way how beauty can be combined with wit and spirit. (Rondo Magazine, Nov 2018 (Stephan Schwarz-Peters).

"I started hearing melodies in my head when I was four years old", Alma writes in the CD booklet. "I pretended that they were songs from my imaginary country, which I called “Transylvanian”. (I don’t remember why I chose this name.) At the beginning, I couldn’t write the music down, so I played these melodies on the piano and my parents sometimes recorded them. But as soon as I learnt to write music, I started writing melodies down so that I wouldn’t forget them. Actually, I don’t just have one book of melodies, but a few notebooks. In some of them I wrote down whole pieces; in others I wrote only the first few bars of the melodies."

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English Trailer

German Trailer

I am so grateful to Paolo Fazioli and all the wonderful Fazioli team for letting me record my new album on the amazing concert grand in the Fazioli Hall in Sacile. It's a huge privilege to play that piano, with its sweet and shining sound.

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Alma Deutscher

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