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Alma at Carnegie Hall.  Alma’s will give her New York Debut at the iconic Carnegie Hall on Thursday, Dec 12, 2019, 7:30pm. 

The concert will be streamed live by (courtesy of Viking Cruises)

The Packard Humanities Institute and Columbia Artists will present an orchestral concert dedicated to Alma’s own compositions, with the Orchestra of St Luke's and conductor Jane Glover. The program will include Alma’s Violin concerto, the American premiere of her Piano concerto (both with Alma as soloist), as well as highlights from Alma’s opera Cinderella, with soprano Natalie Image and tenor Jonas Hacker. The concert will end with Alma's new concert waltz: Siren Sounds.

This concert sold out within 24 hours of the CBS Sixty Minutes broadcast on Alma in August.

I am so excited to announce that I can now play on a violin made in 1683 by Antonio Stradivari, called the Bucher Stradivarius! This wonderful violin is loaned to me by an extremely generous person, and the loan is administered by the Tarisio Trust.

I will be playing the Bucher Stradivarius in my concert next week (Dec 12) at Carnegie Hall, which is streamed on the internet by


In October, Alma received the European Culture Prize in a ceremony at the Vienna State Opera. After thanking baritone Thomas Hampson for his generous words of praise, Alma made a plea for melody and for harmony in the modern world:

Until now, I have always composed melodies and harmonies just as they pour out from my heart. But I have often been told: "as a modern composer, you’ll soon have to forget your melodies, and concentrate on dissonance, as befits our modern age."  Maybe this award today means that a more tolerant age is dawning, when melody and beauty will once again be permitted. Perhaps this is a message that there is more to European Culture than just dissonance. Perhaps there is also a place in European Culture for harmony. And how beautiful it would be if this message could go out to the world from Vienna, the city of music.

Video here. Photo © Johannes Zinner.

© Wiener Staatsoper.jpg

Alma's new piano solo album with Sony Classical, From My Book of Melodies, is out now!  More information here.

Alma's new Album:

"From My Book of Melodies"

Book of Melodies-cover-med.jpg

On October 12, 2019, Alma received the Beijing Music Festival’s Young Musician Award 2019.

Photo © BMF

Beijing Music Festival's

 Young Musician Award 2019

On November 22, a short dance-version of Alma’s new Waltz, Siren Sounds, was played and choreographed during the opening ceremony of the Red Cross Ball (Rotkreuzball) in Vienna. Alma also danced during the opening ceremony. All proceeds from the ball go to the Red Cross.

Photo (c) Wiener Rotkreuzball

Rotkreuz Ball in Vienna to open with Alma's waltz